Rob Eberle Presents “hope u feel ok”

This new slice of upbeat indie-pop from Rob Eberle addresses the age-old conflict of thoughts and feelings that rise to the surface after a relationship breaks down. Things didn’t end up how you might have liked, the relationship floundered, you both moved on, and you feel sad, possibly even angry, but you also hope that the other person, wherever they may be, whatever they are doing now, is okay.

Over gently grinding guitar rhythms and a steady, functional yet unfussy beat, he raps soft and emotive vocals that beautifully contrast the harder sound that drives the song. It’s a perfect blend of groove and grace.

And the song also comes with two songs which exhibit the breadth and beauty of his songwriting. ILYM blends dream-pop and indie vibes, and Half of You is a poised and piano-led contemporary love ballad.

People have always written songs about love, loss, relationships, and regret, songs that drip with reflection and pathos. Few, particularly in the current age, are writing songs this well observed, this mature, this relatable, yet personal.