Keith A. Getchell Presents “Send Your River”

The issue of identity and acceptance for who we are, especially regarding gender choices, might seem like a new topic, one that only affects the current generation. And whilst it is true that such discussions may have only recently begun to take place in the public arena, it is a dialogue that is as old as humanity itself.

So, it seems only natural that someone who has been looking for self-acceptance all their life should pen a song that reminds the younger generation that they are not alone, that they are not the first generation to have to deal with such thoughts, even if they are the first to do so this in public.

Send Your River is more than that, though. It is also an ode to Keith’s one-time daily work commute to Portland State University, which took him across the Willamette River, and the song also captures the essence and the beauty of the view. A river is a perfect metaphor for life: always moving forward, constantly growing, ever-changing. So Send the River, a gorgeous and lilting slice of neo-soul, combines truth and metaphor, fact and the fantastic, into a song that is both deep and meaningful, deft and delicate.