NYA Releases “JADED”

NYA is a Billboard charting artist with a YouTube following of over 2 million subscribers and growing. A sharp-witted lyricist of Puerto Rican descent, with an unmistakable voice, NYA brings a soulful delivery and jazz-influenced musicianship to her alternative pop sound, crafting unflinchingly honest songs that resonate with listeners across the globe.

With her Debut Album, Beauty Comes from Pain, out this Summer and a secured opening slot for Lindsey Stirling throughout Europe this fall, the best is yet to come from this Los Angeles / Uruguayan based songstress.


“Since I was a kid, even through life’s ups and downs, I have always remained a pretty optimistic person. But there was a moment within the past couple of years when I realized that my perspective in both my professional and personal life had become as worn down and jaded as I felt. Writing this song was both a self-confrontation and a turning point. That’s why the song lyrics are full of questions, “How did we get here…can we get back?” and “Is there something that can save me?” But the song’s true spirit for me lies in the second verse lyric, “…we can’t change the past, but maybe we can change our path”. Sometimes, to move forward, you have to be brave enough to take an honest look at yourself and the situation you find yourself in. Writing Jaded gave me the courage to take a closer look at who I was becoming and to think hard about who I wanted to be.” – NYA