Maddison Falls Gives US “Both Sides”

Maddison Falls is a duo from LA and they are Julien Fiore and Joel Soto. This group is an indie pop/rock group that is ready to take the music world by storm. The band’s latest release is titled “Both Sides” and this single will certainly send a jolt to your eardrums!

As soon as you hit play on “Both Sides”, striking chords hit you from ALL directions. The listener will also hear a bit of a gloomy texture that seems to be the overall tone of the song. The vocal style definitely gets your attention as the singer is able to pull you in by way of an impactful style and notable lyrics. The instrumentation, particularly the guitar, also grabs you by emphasizing notes and playing into the whole dark element. Together, Maddison Falls draws the audience in with a healthy dose of darkened mystery that will peak your interests and excite your musical palette.

Maddison Falls displays heart & soul on the new single and one can sense this duo has a strong drive for success. The audience will discover that songwriting and performing means the world to Maddison Falls as this group lays it all out on the table. I commend Maddison Falls for the passion and for enticing the audience with “Both Sides”.

You can SKOPE out the official music video for “Both Sides” right here:

We can ponder what “Both Sides” is truly about but in the end Maddison Falls delivered a powerful punch of original sound. With a raw style and no rules, it’s all about “Both Sides” for Maddison Falls now and forever.

By Jimmy Rae