Blind Uncle Harry Delivers “Hey Showtime”

Chris Harry Doran aka Blind Uncle Harry is a multi-dimensional singer/songwriter and independent recording artist based in Bloomington, Indiana. Right from the jump, the listener will notice a distinct and unique quality when playing “Hey Showtime”. Blind Uncle Harry is like no other artist I have heard before and his new single titled “Hey Showtime” can best be described as outside-the-box entertainment.

Blind Uncle Harry is all about breaking the norm and reenergizing the standards when it comes to music production. Do not attempt to label Blind Uncle Harry’s music because it can’t be done! “Hey Showtime” highlights a wide variety of elements and honestly the genre would be considered everything under the sun. With a wide mix of notes and stylings, Blind Uncle Harry proves that variety is the spice of life with “Hey Showtime”.
As soon as you hit play, the audience will hear distinctive vocals and a style that is both quirky and a bit laid-back. The single offers a peppy beat to go along with an interesting song structure and catchy melody. Unorthodox in spirit and humorous in nature, Blind Uncle Harry will spark your ears with the new release. “Hey Showtime” will make you shake your head, rattle your senses and roll over in astonishment.

If you’re looking for something completely different and out of the blue, then you should definitely give “Hey Showtime” a spin. Blind Uncle Harry supplies lighthearted material that stands out in a crowd and doesn’t bend to conventional norms. Say goodbye to mainstream and say hello to Blind Uncle Harry’s latest creation called “Hey Showtime”.

By Jimmy Rae