Fernando Perdomo New Album ‘Self’ Out June 14, 2024

Fernando Perdomo goes for a baroque psychedelic pop playfulness with “Self.” Nods to Todd Rundgren and the Kinks, right down to the delirium he conjures up, add to the inherent charm of the album. Songs do an exceptional job working off each other to create this fully realized whole. The album is best taken in as a coherent whole. Lyricism employs an acidic alliteration, for there’s this otherworldly quality to how things come together. Everything has so much tenderness and affection, giving the album a genuine adoration for the world. Instrumentally, it has a strong love for the 70s, as the golden era AM quality ties the narratives together in this gorgeous, sun-drenched way.

Things start with the cinematic flair of “Searching For Myself,” featuring a tremendous, life-affirming buildup. “Everything Leads To Now” removes the excess, resulting in this intimate, folksy journey. Lots of electronics and distortion give “Optimist Prime” a gleeful, giddy attitude. Going for a late-night reflection is the tenderness of “Absolute Silence.” Aspects of the tropical with some synthesized electro-pop flavors adorn “Who I Really Am,” giving it a surrealist bent. Forgoing lyrics entirely is the introspection of “All of Us Under The Same Moon.” Easily, the highlight of the entire album is the fantastic regal closer “Self.” The song sprawls out seemingly into the infinite by giving it plenty of space, serving as an exquisite replica of eternity.

“Self” presents the portrait of Fernando Perdomo as an artist taking things to the next level.

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