Sarantos Explores Youthful Escapades on Latest Single “Let’s Summer”

Sarantos’ new single “Let’s Summer” delivers a catchy, feel-good anthem that perfectly aligns with its seasonal theme. Combining elements of bedroom pop with European dance music, Sarantos crafts a track that feels both intimate and expansive, inviting listeners to embrace the carefree, adventurous spirit of summer.

“Let’s Summer” showcases a polished production with a warm, upbeat vibe that captures the essence of summer nights. The song’s fusion of pop sensibilities and dance rhythms creates an infectious groove, enhanced by Sarantos’ smooth vocal delivery and a memorable hook. The repetitive “Ooo-Ooo-Ooo-Ooo” in the chorus is designed to stick in your head, making it an earworm that’s hard to shake off.

The lyrics of “Let’s Summer” revolve around themes of youthful exploration, transformation, and romantic escapades. Sarantos paints a vivid picture of shedding past insecurities and embracing a more confident, adventurous self. Lines like “At 16 I tried to be normal / But I was too difficult to ignore” and “Life’s meant for fun so let’s get this on” reflect a journey towards self-acceptance and seizing the moment.

The pre-choruses and choruses emphasize a deep physical and emotional connection, capturing the intensity of summer romances. The repeated assertion that “nobody can touch my body like you” underscores a sense of unique, irreplaceable intimacy, a hallmark of passionate summer flings.

Several key moments in the song deserve special attention:
1. **Chorus Hook**: The line “So Let’s Summer the night away” is a standout, embodying the song’s carefree, celebratory spirit.
2. **Breakdown**: The bridge, with the line “The water’s getting warm so you might as well swim,” offers a playful and inviting break before diving back into the chorus.
3. **Lyric Imagery**: Sarantos’ use of imagery like “summer love waits behind every door” and “a little pain tonight but tomorrow it’ll be gone” adds depth, hinting at the fleeting yet impactful nature of summer experiences.

Adding a layer of depth to the release, Sarantos has dedicated a portion of the proceeds from “Let’s Summer” to “Team Summer,” a charity that supports children with cancer. This philanthropic effort not only underscores the artist’s commitment to meaningful causes but also encourages listeners to engage with the song on a more profound level.

“Let’s Summer” by Sarantos is a vibrant and heartfelt ode to the joys of summer, blending catchy melodies with introspective lyrics. It’s a track that’s perfect for those warm nights and sunny days, encapsulating the essence of the season in both sound and sentiment. Whether you’re dancing on the beach or relaxing by the pool, “Let’s Summer” is sure to be a fitting soundtrack for your summer adventures.

–John Scarry