Single Review: Cory M. Coons “White Picket Fence”

Cory M. Coons’ latest single, “White Picket Fence,” serves as a standout addition to his retrospective album, “Across The Great Divide (Album Cuts & Singles 2012-2022).” This special edition release is not only a testament to Coons’ enduring presence in the Americana and Melodic Rock scenes but also a celebration of his growth and journey as an artist over the past decade.

“White Picket Fence” encapsulates the quintessential charm and heartfelt storytelling that have become hallmarks of Coons’ music. The song opens with a gentle acoustic strum, immediately inviting listeners into a nostalgic landscape. Coons’ warm, resonant vocals paint a vivid picture of home and belonging, a theme that resonates deeply in today’s fast-paced world.

Lyrically, the track is a picturesque ode to simpler times and cherished memories. Lines like “There’s a white fence, down the old dirt road / On the valley land, that’s where I call home” evoke a sense of longing and contentment, drawing the listener into a tranquil setting that feels both personal and universal. The repeated refrain, “Behind that little white picket fence,” acts as a comforting mantra, anchoring the song’s themes of love, family, and roots.

Musically, “White Picket Fence” is a beautifully arranged piece, blending elements of Americana with Coons’ signature Melodic Rock sensibilities. The instrumentation is understated yet effective, allowing the storytelling to take center stage. Gentle guitar riffs, subtle percussion, and a melodic bass line create a soothing backdrop that perfectly complements Coons’ evocative vocals.

The production quality is polished and professional, enhancing the track’s emotional impact without overshadowing its simplicity. This balance of heartfelt lyrics and refined production is a testament to Coons’ skill as both a songwriter and performer.

Included in the special edition release is an exclusive PDF booklet, offering fans a deeper dive into the creative process behind the music. This added layer of insight, complete with lyrics, photos, and personal notes from Coons, enriches the listening experience, providing context and background that enhance the connection to each track.

“White Picket Fence” is a shining example of Cory M. Coons’ ability to craft songs that are both timeless and contemporary. Its inclusion in “Across The Great Divide (Album Cuts & Singles 2012-2022)” not only highlights the song’s individual merit but also underscores Coons’ significant contributions to the genres of Americana and Melodic Rock. For fans and newcomers alike, this retrospective album is a comprehensive and deeply satisfying journey through a decade of musical artistry.

–Sam Singleton