The MC Type with ‘Lucky Silverback’

The MC Type is a rapper, singer and comedian who has a no-holds-barred approach to rapping. ‘Lucky Silverback’ is his latest release and the record is simply bananas as The MC Type is going apeshit on the mic. Calling out cancel culture and censorship of today, The MC Type is not holding back with zany and relevant material on ‘Lucky Silverback’.

The MC Type resides in New Zealand now but his American roots can be heard loud & clear on the new record. The audience gets a splash of satire mixed with current times that makes for one invigorating listening experience. Funny stuff collides with real issues as The MC Type combines humor and pressing topics. With 15 spicy and outside-the-box tracks, ‘Lucky Silverback’ will make you laugh and make your jaw drop.

The album kicks off with a hot mix and cold as ice intro on “Hello Again” where skilled scratchin’ can be heard on the turntable. The MC Type is layin’ it down like an Ace on “John Wayne Gacy” where a scary, nice flow is in place and fresh humor is being served. On track three, “Party Bug (Feat. A-F-R-O)”, it’s all about slick rhymes and fun times where you’ll just want to throw it up, throw it up! It’s time to step on the gas next on “Whoopee Cushion” where The MC Type will have you saying to yourself—ain’t that some shit! Check yourself and prepare for outrageously funny lines like “The rap revolution is a bowel movement” on “Whoopee Cushion”. The MC Type is gettin’ busy, keepin’ it real and sayin’ what’s on his mind on “Sex Cymbals (Feat. Billy the Fridge)”. On the following track, The MC Type is droppin’ some “Full Life Crisis” on your ass and not holding back an ounce. Track nine, “Being Happy is Stupid”, The MC Type is layin’ it all down nice ‘n’ smooth with no bumps on the cut. Time to get into “Over the Influence (Feat. P.O.S)” where dope rhymes come through the speakers and real deal lyrics are spillin’ out about today’s culture. “Cool Story Bro (Feat. LouisLogic)” is a real ear-opener where these rappers are spittin’ lyrics about life then and now; what’s real and what’s not. The listener will hear all about mind control being in full effect on “Cool Story Bro” where “facts ain’t facts and false is true. On track 13, “Big Limpin’”, The MC Type is letting it all hang out and poppin’ off on the mic like a savage. The listeners receive a strong closer with “Irish Goodbye” where The MC Type is bringin’ the heat with catchy lines like “my punch lines are like punching minds”.

The MC Type is no stranger to the music game as he saw significant success from 2007-2014 when he was living in Seattle. During this time, The MC Type was part of several national rap tours where he opened for Prof, Grieves, Mac Lethal, LouisLogic and more. His rap group The Let Go was signed to Camobear Records and Goon Trax, charting as high as #19 on CMJ and was even featured on MTV’s “The City”. The MC Type took a little break for 10 years to focus on TV commercial writing but is now back with a vengeance with ‘Lucky Silverback’. You can’t keep a good MC down and now The MC Type is hungry for more and beating his chest proudly. This full-length album proves that we should be able to let loose and laugh at ourselves once in awhile while also staying sharp. Enjoy the creative mindset of The MC Type as he will have you in stitches while also shocking you at times with his words. Live, laugh and have fun and don’t get so easily offended is the ongoing theme on the new record. The MC Type is here to make some noise and ‘The Lucky Silverback’ is pounding its way into your memory bank whether you like it or not.

By Jimmy Rae