Jake Hertzog Presents ‘Longing To Meet You’ Out June 1st, 2024

A contemplative kick adorns Jake Hertzog’s thoughtful ruminations in “Longing To Meet You.” Not a word is spoken, as the instrumentals possess plenty of lyricism. The grooves are warm as they carefully explore the quieter side of things. Fragile arrangements give the whole album a living, breathing quality. Jazzy to its core, the saxophone has a cascading quality. It constantly comes up with unexpected phrasing that gives the album a somewhat delirious tenor, like the spirit is getting carried away. The whole group gets plenty of room to showcase their talents, with jazz guitar taking cues from the impressionist Wes Montgomery.


A soft and gradual buildup occurs on the soulful subdued beauty of “Longing To Meet You,” where they embody a perfect sense of yearning. On the spry tempos of “A Dream Fades Slowly,” they showcase a real knack for infectious grooves. Guitar riffs ring out into the infinite on the spacious scope of “The Attempt.” Unexpected tones and upright bass end the “A Room With No Doors” skill where panic takes hold. “Loss” goes for a spacious approach, nearly completely calm most of the time. Dialogue occurs within “The Last Time.” Pure ambiance takes hold on the spaced-out gestures of “Interlude.” The meditative “Whisper You” features delicate horn work interwoven with fragile guitar gestures, as the entire track threatens to collapse at any moment. Celebratory “Arrival” closes the album out.

Jake Hertzog delves into a beautiful realm with “Longing To Meet You” with truly inspired interplay.