Édith Piaf meets Elizabeth Cotton in new single from Simone Tang

Simone Tang releases her first single ‘A boy from a song’ taken from her forthcoming debut album “Things I Remember” Coming in October 2024.

Simone kicked off her solo career in 2019 with the debut single ‘Shame’ racking up a considerable amount of streams & airplay, supported by live shows at festivals such as The Great Escape, (UK) and Trans Musicales (FR).

Tang started writing the songs for her debut album 1.5 years ago, in a new and more acoustic sound, stripped to the bone on just guitar and vocals.

With the first single & accompanying video “A boy from a song”, from her debut album, she heralds an acoustic record, with inspiration from likes of Elizabeth Cotton and Édith Piaf.

“I have a rather great fascination with the dusty sound in the old French chansons, and felt very inspired to write the song in this mood, about a guy I felt very attracted to, but who I knew I could never have.

It is a song about longing, hidden fantasies, and an acceptance of a friendship that cannot develop into anything more.”

With the feeling of standing in the middle of a romantic film in 1940s Paris, and watching a love story unfold, Simone Tang with “A boy from a song” sends the listener into a raw and “right here & now” atmosphere where you can almost feel the texture in each note played & lyric sung.

The Album will be accompanied by a string of live headline shows in the fall in Denmark & EU.