Original Pairs ‘Long Play’ – out now!

“Rock ‘n ‘roll is nearly dead, so we need to revive it,” Original Pairs share on their latest album ‘Long Play’.

2008 saw the formation of Original Pairs. With their brand-new album ‘Long Play’, which comprises eight tracks, Original Pairs returns with a mesmerising musical journey that transcends the genres of garage, indie, rockabilly, and psychedelic.

Amidst this musical presentation, ‘Long Play’ exhibits a rock fusion that is dynamic and captivating, with upbeat staging and captivating narration. Original Pairs exhibits their ability to seamlessly transition between different genres, with a solid rock base and a wide range of tracks that highlight their wide range of musical inspirations.

‘Long Play’ is full of remarkable compositions, including gripping melodies, expressive productions, and soaring voices. The record is a sonically appealing collection that explores a couple’s life together with themes of love, hardships, and growing old together. From start to finish, listeners are guaranteed to be hooked.

The album gives listeners a sample of the special enchantment this extraordinary group recorded during their remarkable time together, showcasing their inventiveness and teamwork. The diverse array of creative elements exhibited in each track accentuates the songwriting prowess of Original Pairs.

It’s evident right away that Original Pairs take their music seriously. They take a different approach to their music and don’t take particular cues from anyone in the scene right now. So, what are your thoughts? Put on your headphones and turn up the music! Original Pairs’ infectious energy and timeless tunes will make a small but noticeable difference in your life.