Fusing vocal talent, piano-playing prowess, and quirky creativity with masterful production, Jacquelyn Schreiber has not only created a signature sound, but has delivered a truly unforgettable full-length album as a solo indie artist. Dubbed a “supremely gifted” performer by broadwayworld.com with “the versatility of five different musicians” by theatermania.com, Jacquelyn now brings her mesmerizing musical talent as a pianist/vocalist/composer to the forefront in her genre and gravity-defying album, “Flown.” Jacquelyn self-produced the album over 3 years, (starting a few days before the COVID lockdown in 2020 and completing the final mixes in 2023) by using both home and studio recording sessions. Her 7 original compositions and arrangements feature her smooth vocals and masterful keyboard playing on an endless array of acoustic and electronic instruments (piano, harpsichord, B3, Mellotron, and more). A true “musical DIY project” from start to finish, Jacquelyn crafted her own album cover art from a selfie taken on a tripod and also wrote, produced, and starred in the corresponding music video.


Jacquelyn’s background as a jazz pianist shines throughout the album, as she not only delights listeners with tasteful keyboard improvisations but also incorporates complex harmonic/rhythmic elements cleverly disguised in pop-meets-jazz wrapping. Featuring an all-star assortment of musicians, including Marvin “Smitty” Smith, Christian Galvez, Jimmy Branly, Tony Austin, Antoine Katz, Rene Camacho, and Christian Moraga, “Flown” brings together compelling performances from some of the top rhythm section musicians in the world. Mixed and mastered by Thai Long Ly, the elements of each track come to life and take listeners on an out-of-this-world experience.