Unleashing Aroma: How to Pick the Perfect Essential Oil Bottles for Your Aromatic Creations

Essential oils purity and efficacy can only be guaranteed with the selection of the right container, as equally important as the oils themselves. This article aims at providing some guidelines on how to choose the best glass bottles for your aromatic mixtures, so that you can preserve the beauty and benefits of your creations over time.

The Importance of Material

Glass is a perfect choice for essential oil storage. This is because it is impermeable to oils, and its non-reactive nature prevents a chemical change of the oil. While buying in bulk, make sure that the jars are of superior quality, durable, and fit to be used for essential oils. Amber or cobalt blue glass with a darker hue is used for protection of melas from UV light that can cause degradation of the oils over time.

Size Matters

The size of the bottle is another extremely important parameter. Usually, essential oils are available in the form of small bottles with the capacity of either 5ml or 100ml. Small bottles would be good for the expensive oils, minimizing the possibility of wastage. On the other hand, large ones will be cheaper for blends and carrier oils. 

The Right Closure

The correct closure plays a crucial role in keeping the quality of essential oils untouched. Dropper caps, orifice reducers, and roller balls are among the most common options as they offer just that- the ability to control the amount of oil being used and how precise the application is. 


The packaging of your essential oil bottles is not only about beauty; it also ensures that the oil that is inside is preserved and protected. But the visual appeal of your product is one of the factors that can influence the way people see your product and sales. Take into account customized possibilities coming with wholesale glass jars, namely labeling, printing, and box packaging, to improve brand visibility and appeal.

Sustainability and Safety

In the modern market, with a growing awareness about the environment, sustainability is a concern that is of utmost importance to consumers. Choosing recyclable or reusable jars as a packaging in the wholesale glass jars can be a good option for those who care about the environment. Additionally, safety and food-grade quality of the glass bottles is a must, especially for the oils that are for culinary use.


The process of choosing glass bottles for your essential oils is a subtle effort which requires the factor of material, size, closure, packaging, and sustainability of the containers to be considered. While you let the aroma of your essential oils fill the world, show the quality of your packaging that represents the quality of your products. This means that your customers will enjoy your products to the fullest.