Carl Clements Presents “A Different Light” Out May 23, 2024

Beautiful, blissful compositions come together with Carl Clements taking on a series of unexpected twists and turns with “A Different Light.” The instrumental richness feels genuinely inspired. He lets the tempos serve a simultaneous time-keeping and emotional cadence. Hyperactive rhythms roll through with a playful disposition within the arrangements, adding to the inherent graciousness. Everything works. The balance between all the different elements gives the album a sunny disposition. Best of all, tracks work together, resulting in blooming kaleidoscopic bursts of color.

“Onset” opens the album with stately grace. Drums bring so much energy, and this, alongside the keyboards, adds to the blissed-out beauty of the album. A night-time reflection adorns the delicate “Sanyog,” the album’s highlight. Piano chords have a delicate loveliness that works wonders alongside the skill of the upright bass. The midcentury charm of “A New Leaf” features a prominent sophistication. Yearning rests right at the core of being for “A Different Light.” Sprawling and ambition are the ornate details of “In Sight.” “Tango Extraño” starts soft, with the buildup of the sound a masterclass, as there’s a cinematic spaciousness. Peacefulness reigns supreme on the meditative splendor of “Before Again.” Fantastic interplay comes forth as “Absence/Return” embraces the hyperactivity. All-expanding with its focus is the uncertainty of “Good Luck, Bad Luck (Who Knows?),” which brings the album to a soothing conclusion.

“A Different Light” presents the pitch-perfect style of Carl Clements in creating an aural environment that feels light, bright, and airy.