Mama B Drops New Single ‘Puffer Fish’

Mama B.’s first album release Imaginology is an auspicious beginning. Our first taste from the collection, the single “Puffer Fish,” is a bit of musical sleight of hand. Children intuitively understand Mama B.’s description of the puffer fish as often dwarfed by others and its surroundings. They will connect with its survival tactics. Of course, those children won’t be able to verbalize how they recognize themselves in the lyrics, but it will connect. 

Jacq Becker, aka Mama B., is a talented writer, and the fact that she makes that clear without assuming any grand trappings is impressive. Her use of percussion is one of the musical highlights of “Puffer Fish.” It gives the single a pleasing bounce that never gets carried away with itself while still pushing the song toward an inevitable conclusion. “Puffer Fish” generates a surprising amount of physical energy given the core playfulness of the tune.

The brevity is another strength. It is a concession to younger listeners. “Puffer Fish” says everything it needs to within one hundred and fifty seconds, and even five added seconds would be unnecessary. It is an excellent first look at Mama B’s debut. 

Gwen Waggoner