Take to the Country With Ben Tucker’s New Self-Titled Country EP ‘Ben Tucker’

Ben Tucker goes solo with the release of his 5-track EP ‘Ben Tucker’ 24/01/24. The project is sure to be a hit with fans of country looking for something new. Ben Tucker is described by the artist as “Travelling Wilburys in the sack with John Prine”.

Its lead single At Your Side serves as a powerful reintroduction to the artist away from his band, Albino. His powerful vocals call out to a love he’ll do anything to get to. Beneath those is a rich Americana soundscape, adorned with electric guitar flourishes that conjure images of late nights on the open road. Accompanying the single is its official music video which collects snapshots of a road trip across the long expanses of America’s country roads.

The rest of the EP continues in the adventurous yet comforting vein of At Your Side. Elements of blues bleed through Ben Tucker’s storytelling style. Between songs like Gambling Man and Ever Since She Turned My Head, Tucker produces something on the grand scale of the American expanse, as well as something very personal.

If Tucker’s musical stylings feel at home on a guitar that’s because he has been playing since the age of 8, and writing since 11. Music provided Tucker something solid to hold on to through the tumultuous life journey. He first played in the synthpop duo The Fizzgigs until after university he formed the garage rock band Albino, with who he has toured extensively.

Ben Tucker is available across all platforms now.

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Website: https://www.bentucker.online/