Big Willie B steps out into 2024 with a fresh new track featuring Nashville country artist, Morgan Alexander, “Fightin for Me.”

The song kicks off with the chorus by Alexander and lays the framework for the context of the song, about being sick and tired of being lied to. Big Willie comes in on the verses and breaks down all the things he’s fighting for, and, in some instances, against. “Fightin For Me” is a mid-tempo tune and Big Willie’s cadence lays comfortably in the pocket with the tone and gritty, southern-inspired lyrics he’s become known for. The single comes on the heels of Beyoncé’s two new country songs, which have opened up all new audiences for R&B, hip hop, and country music, making it a prime time for overlaps in genres more than ever. The song, produced by Stinger Boy Entertainment’s Darin James, is available on all streaming platforms.

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