New Video By Nemesis Ft. Voces Del Silencio “Mi Fiesta”

In April 2021, Bogotá erupted in protest. After years of austerity, inequality, and official malfeasance, Colombians refused to be silenced. Instead, they took to the streets and made their discontent audible. Even a change of government hasn’t slowed down the demonstrations. Instead, ordinary Santafereños — residents of Colombia’s beautiful, unique capital city — have let those in power know that they’re being watched and that oppression will not be tolerated.

Three thousand miles to the north, allies in Southern California heard the voices of Colombians and pledged their support. Rapper Nemesis of the incendiary hip-hop group Pure Order recognized the Latin American dissidents as fellow travelers. She understood that Bogotá faces many of the same challenges that Los Angeles does: abuses of power, poverty, discrimination, lack of opportunity, and a lack of love. Yet in keeping with the relentless positivity of her rhymes, her response wasn’t acrimonious. Instead, she composed her verse to “Mi Fiesta” — and shared this slamming Yodaroc beat with Niclasz and Rapsodika of the Colombian rap group Voces del Silencio.

The result is a one-off single that feels like part of a sustained revolution: a party song designed to quicken the pulse of marchers and protesters around the globe. Some of the verses are in English and some are en Español, but the fundamental message of solidarity, self-respect, and belief in people’s power comes through in any language. Producer Yodaroc’s track fuses the celebratory quality of contemporary Colombian pop with the urgency and drive of Los Angeles underground rap and the directness of Midwestern hip-hop. If Nemesis, Niclasz, and Rapsodika sound absolutely at home on this beat, that’s because it’s theirs by birthright.

It also testifies to their willingness to listen to each other and find common ground. Dro Smoke’s explosive animated clip for “Mi Fiesta” could be set in Colombia, in Oxnard, California, or in any barrio where oppression can’t stop the party. It’s a glorious day on the street, and kids are playing in the sprinklers, brass bands are blaring in the middle of the road, sparklers are lit, flags and banners are waving, and rappers are onstage speaking truth to power. Could the authorities ever hope to contain this collective energy? They could — if they heeded the will of the people. But shut it down? Never.

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