JWAVY Presents “BEASTMODE” feat. Maribased1

Generational Talent has a strong impact on the world, and for twenty three year old JWAVY, it was the push in the right direction to start a music career of her own. As the daughter of Mr. Benjamin, a Seattle legend in the hip-hop world, and having a talented, well respected rapper older brother named Maribased1, who showed her the way to create music, she got started right away on honing her own sound. Taking her nickname from high school and grasping a well defined musical vision, she became JWAVY. She stays true to herself while taking advice from her brother as she travels through her creative journey. While hip hop has been a well-known, beloved genre, JWAVY is changing the Seattle scene as a female breakout star with a voice as smooth and vibrant as her smile. Giving up is not an option, and JWAVY is determined to create her path that others will need to follow.

JWAVY’s “BEASTMODE” is inspired by her favorite football player, former Seattle Seahawk Pro-Bowler Marshawn Lynch, and proudly goes “all in” on city and self-pride. She is independent and does not take guff from anyone, and her confident tone would expunge any fake people that get in her way. You better talk to her nicely; She knows she is the woman to do it all, and everyone around her knows it. City lights radiate through the sky and serve as the spotlight for JWAVY and her deep dive into hip-hop and style. Her face is highlighted in the darkness using tungsten light, emphasizing every single feature of her natural beauty and talent. She has piles of cash in her hands and pockets, which she fans to keep her cool from her music being too incendiary. With homage paid to her Emerald City, JWAVY keeps it real and is in her element.

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