Turn ‘Nothing Into Something’ with Steven Malcolm’s miraculous new music video

Christian Hip-Hop artist Steven Malcolm returns with an inspiring music video for single ‘Nothing Into Something’, the final offering of his awaited upcoming album ‘BOATS’. Admired for his thought-provoking songwriting, appealing performance style and magnetic flow, this catchy, high-spirited hit is set to strongly resonate with his audience and beyond.

Continuing to draw from his own experiences of personal growth and perseverance, Malcolm is an influential example of turning ‘Nothing Into Something’. Having suffered from a tumultuous upbringing, causing him to lack purpose, the artist’s life changed when he was encouraged by a friend to join a local church group. Combining worship with hip-hop and dance, Malcolm strongly incorporates these elements into his music, which has gathered critical acclaim and a devoted audience that expands beyond The Christian music scene.

‘Nothing Into Something’ is truly no exception. Powerful and thoughtful, the single was inspired by Malcom’s cousin, who miraculously turned his life around after suffering from alcohol addiction. Embedded in Malcom’s beliefs, it aims to inspire anyone struggling with similar difficulties or anyone that lacks hope. The new music video displays how this can be found through simple aspects of life – the importance of family and friends, religious beliefs or day-to-day activities such as basketball and social gatherings. It also showcases Malcom’s passion for music, which is the catalyst for his own influential success story.

Principally filmed in one take, the video follows Malcolm into a room with family and friends as he delivers empowering lyrics to the camera, conveying his charismatic presence. This theme continues as Malcolm enters a new room as the hit progresses, ranging from recording in a music studio to joining a gospel choir practise. The fast pace and sharp transitions between each takes reflects the track’s undeniable energy, potentially serving as a chronological illustration of Stephen’s noteworthy hip-hop career.

Watch the video for ‘Nothing For Something’ now:

Demonstrating the artist’s respected versatility and ability to craft memorable hooks, ‘Nothing Into Something’ is the perfect closing single for the upcoming ‘BOATS’. With an equally radiant and empowering visual to match, listeners can dance along to the infectious single and be inspired to persevere, regardless of circumstance.