Robyn McCorquodale Presents “Eagle”

Music is a powerful tool for all people to enjoy and connect to, and Robyn McCorquodale traveled the world with her sound to make it so. As a world-renowned pianist, Robyn’s soft, warm vocals play hand-in-hand with her ability to entertain and move anyone and everyone. Through a lifetime of being an artist, Robyn has found the time to care for those she loves the most and stay active as a health advocate. Through these multiple facets of life and combining her passions and talents, Robyn can put the puzzle pieces together and apply her universal feelings of love and loss to her music for others to understand. Robyn’s many years of adventuring the world and her own close, small circle of friends and family have filled her artistry with purpose. Every single person is shaped by their experiences, no matter how big or small, and Robyn shows that each moment is worth reflecting on.

Everywhere we look, there are signs that the people we love, even if they have left this lifetime, have their arms wrapped around us at all times. For Robyn’s “Eagle,” taking a deep breath, looking up at the sky, and seeing an eagle in the sky is her father, a Life Member of the Fraternal Order of Eagles, circumnavigating her life from a bird-eye view. An eagle, representing strength and integrity, shows Robyn that her father, who was kind, gentle, and supportive, is freer than he ever has been and can be with her no matter where she is. In this powerful anthem, each key on Robyn’s piano is a response to her father gliding through her journey from Heaven as she leads through every day without him. Not only can she feel his presence, but she can feel his spirit comfort her mind and soul, resulting in her ability to live a happy life without him physically there. This song honors all people we have lost, but will always love and cherish as we continue to navigate life.

Robyn’s sound fits perfectly in the visuals of the video of “Eagle,” as she is seated in the middle of a beautiful, calming woodland landscape. Just as she did her whole life, she combines her passions and music to feel content with every moment and gracefully creates her music in the place where she can feel her father’s presence the most. Robyn’s song of piano and strings plays as the eagles fly in the sky, as she sees her father’s spirit have its wings open wide. Nature has taken its course, and Robyn embraces the world with her caring and lovely voice and smile.

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