Ellie Lee ‘ESCAPE’ Set For Release May 24, 2024

Ellie Lee sculpts a captivatingly engrossing realm on the urbane jazz noir of “Escape.” The album feels lyrical, all without needing to say a single word. Relatively subdued, the song unspools graciously, striking a delicate balance. Grooves have a tactile quality, allowing for each chord and every sway of the upright bass, along with the drum brushes, to feel lovely. Stylistically rooted in jazz, they incorporate bits of cool jazz, Bossa Nova, and more in this swirling way. Plenty of love is shown in the careful arrangements, letting each piece have enough space to roam.

The album starts on the strident approach of “Escape.” Using its duration as part of the charm, “Beyond The Blue” goes for the passionate, alternating between the sense of discovery and the blissed-out asides, allowing the group to explore every nuance of the theme. “A Fine Day” features a hypnotic sense of contemplation, enabling the group to let a thoughtful aspect filter through as melody and rhythm combine. Easily the most romantic piece on the album is the passionate performance of “Melrose Breeze,” where the polished production adds to the graciousness. Almost psychedelic with its deep exploration is the sheer journey of “Whisper Not.” “On The Road” features a distinctive balance, letting the decay of the piano chords give it this sense of enormity. With a burst of energy, they close things off on the lively “New Chapter.”

“Escape” features the dreamy piano playing of Ellie Lee, with a backing band that dutifully respects and reflects her subtle melodic shadings.