Ronny Smith To Release ‘Struttin’ on April 19, 2024

Ronny Smith embraces a chilled-out, nu-jazz style with the glamourous style of “Struttin.” The arrangements have an inherent coolness, for the instrumentation incorporates many styles outside the usual jazz. Elements of funk, rock, and pop, led by impeccable guitar work, help the sound glide. He focuses on the instrumentation and tells an entire story, as the arrangements are lyrical. Grooves go for the commanding, allowing the right amount of detail to filter in. Balance ensures that every single flourish gets plenty of room to explore each nuance of the theme.

Not a single moment is wasted on the fanfare-filled opener, the aptly named “Get Up.” Within this track, he sets the tone for the rest of the album – a celebratory quality alongside an incredible kaleidoscopic array of colors. The glistening production of “In My Eyes” draws close comparisons to the meticulous studio work of Steely Dan. “Rubik’s Cube” features heavy-set synthesizers, adding to the swirling ethos. A mid-80s ethos emerges on the classic cool of the title track, “Struttin.” With a contemplative kick is the reflective “Groovin,” featuring a melancholy sound. “Obo” has a luscious buildup. Guitar riffs rise out of the tender “Pocket Algorhythm.” Bossa Nova vibes reminiscent of Antonio Carlos Jobim adorn “A Pretty Smile,” giving it a loveliness. Gorgeous piano chords decay alongside the sighing synthesizer with “Laura.” Ending the album on a partying note is the light psychedelic romp of “Angel.”

Done with grace and a majestic, infinite living-affirming stance, Ronny Smith shows an impeccable set of chops on the gracious attitude of “Struttin.”