Julia Vari feat. Negroni’s Trio Presents ‘Somos’ on March 16, 2024

Powerful vocals alongside a playful disposition define Julia Vari’s feat. Negroni’s Trio’s “Somos.” An intricate dance of colors and gestures, the song wraps itself around the listener. The fully immersive experience shows off the group’s interplay and how easily they sync with Julia Vari’s vocals. Word choice matters because she sculpts each verse carefully, getting to the absolute heart of the matter. Combining all these different genres of jazz, chamber pop, and more, they delve into a beautiful, stately world.

From the very beginning, the mood is immediately set. The drummer goes for the immaculate, revealing the sheer dexterity of the rhythm. Keeping things unexpected adds to the spontaneity of the space, for there’s a lightness to the way it all unspools. All of them work together towards the buildup of the atmosphere. Melodies emerge from the whole piece, and each reiteration of the theme allows the song to have a stately grace. Throughout the journey, an evolution takes place. Patience is of the essence, with the piece becoming ever larger and ever more encompassing. By sidestepping trends, they tap into the timelessness of jazz and thoughtful pop. Indeed, towards the end of the piece, all these earlier moments are revisited, adding to the cyclical take of the track and letting it end right around where it started gorgeously going full circle.

Julia Vari feat. Negroni’s Trio delves into a soothing sound with the luxurious “Somos.”