Flippin’ Gothic Fabp Drops “Just How Open Mic”

Flippin’ Gothic Fabp formally known as Fabp aka Fabpz the Freelancer is back at it again! To me, Flippin’ Gothic Fabp is one of the hardest working musicians in the hip-hop game with over 2 K songs to his name. There are no brakes for this rapper from Jamaica Queens, NY as he speeds ahead and releases his newest track & video titled “Just How Open Mic”

I have had the pleasure to work with Flippin’ Gothic Fabp numerous times over the years and his determination and perseverance to be the best artist he can be is commendable. That sheer hunger and sense of tenacity continues on for Flippin’ Gothic Fabp with his latest creation, “Just How Open Mic”

As soon as you hit play on “Just How Open Mic”, the listener will experience the Freelancer cuttin’ it up nicely on the mic as Flippin’ Gothic Fabp is spittin’ fresh lyrics for the audience. Fabp is free-stylin’ to the break of dawn while laying down a rough, rugged & raw mix. Coming straight from the underground into your listening space, Flippin’ Gothic Fabp delivers indie rap that is unrefined and real to the core. “Just How Open Mic” provides creative wordplay and a fly demeanor courtesy of the New York hip-hopper Flippin’ Gothic Fabp. Fabp proves that he is a true MC who is bustin’ rhymes for the times on “Just How Open Mic”. Just as Craig Mack gave us a brand new “Flava in Ya Ear”, Flippin’ Gothic Fabp drops innovative knowledge for your mind and an inventive sound for your ears. Flippin’ Gothic Fabp merges old-school and modern hip-hop in stellar fashion on this new cut. With an original style that comes though loud & clear, the Freelancer proves that pure talent overrides all of the extra bells and whistles. What you hear is what you get on “Just How Open Mic” where there is no hiding for Flippin’ Gothic Fabp.

I continue to be impressed by Fabp’s drive for success as he consistently delivers results track after track. “Just How Open Mic” is proof in the pudding that Flippin’ Gothic Fabp is here to stay and that he is a steadfast force in the music world. The underground style that Fabp possesses is contagious and I feel is about to surface and head straight to the Tippy Top! Congratulations to you, Flippin’ Gothic Fab, on a job well-done once again and now it’s time to show these hip-hop cats how’s it’s supposed to be done! Flippin’ Gothic Fabp/X-Calade Promotionz drops a dope beat, relentless attitude and catchy flow on “Just How Open Mic”. Don’t stop and GO get IT Fabp!




By Jimmy Rae