Music Promotion for Artists in 2024

Getting your songs out there as an indie musician is tough these days. Everyone wants to be a star! But with the right strategy, you can get your music the attention it deserves. Let’s break down some of the best ways you can promote your tunes and gain fans in 2024.

Spotify Playlists – These Are Important!

Spotify is huge – we’re talking over 450 million people jamming on it every month. So, Spotify playlist submission could be very important to get your music exposed with a new audience.

Aim to get on the big ones like New Music Friday or any of the top playlists for your specific genre – RapCaviar, Rock This, Indie Shuffle, etc.

The key is getting tight with Spotify curators who control what songs get added. You can try reaching out directly or use a company that specializes in pitching to curators. Building a legit fanbase on Spotify also helps – the more listeners you have engaging with your music, the more likely Spotify will push your jams. It takes patience, so keep releasing quality tunes consistently. Check out the best Spotify promotion available today.

How Much Does Spotify Pay Per Stream?

As of 2024, Spotify pays around $0.003 to $0.005 per stream. It varies based on your label deal and country. You make a little more from premium subscribers and less from the free ad-supported listeners.

For indie artists, streaming money provides some income, but it’s modest. Spotify’s real value is getting your music out there. Focus on using it to grow your fanbase, then convert those listeners into paid fans buying merch, concert tickets, supporting you on Patreon – that’s where the real bucks come from.

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While the per stream rate is low, an artist with millions of streams can earn meaningful revenue from Spotify. The key is volume. Spotify serves as career fuel to accelerate fan growth, which then unlocks other earning potential.

Music Blog Submissions 

In 2024, music blogs remain influential for helping new artists get discovered by fans and industry tastemakers. Some top music blogs for indie artists include Pitchfork, Stereogum, Noisey, Consequence of Sound, Tiny Mix Tapes, Gorilla vs Bear and more. These sites have a reputable brand and appeal within the indie music community.  

To maximize the impact of a music blog premiere, it helps to time your release campaign around soliciting blogs. Create a press kit with your single/album details, cover art, artist bio and social media links. Reach out to blogs 2-3 months before your release date, offering to exclusively share your music. If blogs show interest, you can send them a private stream of your song. 

Securing coverage from even one or two premier music blogs can kickstart discovery and make it easier to pitch larger publications. Blog write-ups also give you credibility when contacting Spotify playlisters. However, the competition is fierce so blogs should be viewed as just one part of an artist’s overall promotion strategy today. Leverage every piece of press to boost social media engagement and continue reaching out to other discovery channels.

Music Submission to TikTok Influencers

In 2024, TikTok exploded into one of the most influential platforms in music discovery and promotion. The short video app has over 1.5 billion monthly active users, making it a massive potential audience. Many artists gain significant streams, sales and notoriety when their song gets used in a viral TikTok video. 

Some smart ways artists can leverage TikTok in 2024 include:

– Identify TikTok influencers in your genre with at least 500k+ followers. Reach out seeing if they are open to using your song in a video. Offer to pay them $100-200 as an additional incentive. Even smaller TikTok influencers with 10-100k engaged followers can be beneficial. Visit our TikTok music promotion to find out more

– Create your own TikTok account and post short videos using clips of your songs. Engage in viral TikTok trends related to your music style. Use relevant hashtags so you can be discovered by new listeners. 

– Pay for influencer marketing services that guarantee TikTok placements with major influencers in your genre. Some services charge $500-$2,000 to run an influencer campaign for a single.

– Share your songs on TikTok creator sites like SoundSpace, TuneMoji, and Vibe, where influencers can find and license music.

– Once you gain some momentum on TikTok, pitch your song to playlist curators at TikTok Channels like TikTokNewHits, Viral Hits and more. 

TikTok remains a powerful force for music discovery in 2024. Though paying for viral videos can be costly, one song exploded on TikTok may transform an artist’s career. This potential return makes TikTok an essential platform for artists to engage with.


For independent music artists in 2024, a strategic approach is needed to cut through the noise and get your music discovered. Leveraging platforms like Spotify, music blogs, and TikTok through targeted outreach, playing the algorithm game, and occasional paid boosts will give artists the best chance at growing an audience and gaining real momentum. Consistently releasing quality music, engaging socially with fans, and exhausting all promotion angles is the key. The music industry is more competitive than ever in 2024, but with hard work, creativity and resilience, new artists can get their music heard.