Gareth Dunlop Shines in Heartwarming Music Video for ‘I Don’t Feel You’

Acclaimed Belfast singer-songwriter Gareth Dunlop is making a fearless return with a spectacular, humourous music video promoting self-love for his wondrous synth-pop gem ‘I Don’t Feel You’. Paired with this relatable demonstration of a solo date spent at home, Gareth’s carefree, instant earworm is an immaculate anti-valentines hit.

Throughout the video, Gareth is shown preparing for what appears to be a blissfully romantic date night. Filmed in a tongue-in-cheek, realistic style, Gareth ticks each typical aspect of Valentine’s preparation – bathing in rose petals, receiving an elaborate bouquet of flowers, and setting out a home-cooked meal on a table with balloons and candles. However, it turns out that this exquisitely crafted romantic evening is simply for himself. No date shows up, leaving Gareth to celebrate alone, opening champagne and gleefully ballroom-dancing with a teddy bear.

Unexpected and joyful, this anti-Valentine display is a perfect depiction of moving on from a relationship or revelling in the joy of spending it alone. In an era where self-love is equally relatable as it is important during the holiday’s excessive parade, Gareth is unashamedly celebrating his freedom, encouraging his devoted listeners to do the same.

‘I Don’t Feel You’ is the sublime second single of the acclaimed singer-songwriter’s upcoming album ‘Welcome To The House Of I Don’t Know’, following in the footsteps of the euphoric anthem ‘Church’. Boasting an uplifting new direction, this liberating new single with a magnificently entertaining visual to match set up Gareth for a sensational 2024.

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