Jack Wood Presents ‘The Gal That Got Away’ Out March 29, 2024

Jack Wood displays a timeless elegance in the laid-back rhythms and wistful lyricism of “The Gal That Got Away.” A large slew of styles enters the fray. Nods to jazz fusion, lounge, pop, and more come together in this bright stream of colors. Word choice tells a story, that of unrequited love. The album displays great pathos by going for this longing, yearning presence, drawing the listener closer to this confessional atmosphere. Like an old friend talking, there is something genuinely lovely about unspooling the many different layers of sound.

Deep, bass-laden grooves open the album with a fantastic amount of energy on “Gypsy In My Soul.” The jazz guitar on “It’s Crazy” presents a lyrical quality, neatly synching up alongside the vocals that have a stunning graciousness. Brushstrokes and light piano chords decay into distance on the far-off stare of “I Will Wait for You.” “Secret Love” features gorgeous percussion, allowing for refreshing flexibility. Moody emotions appear in the reflective stance of “A Foggy Day.” An upright bass adds to the surrealist expression with “Shadow of Your Smile,” which lets it all come out in a pitch-perfect fashion. Horns blast through, punctuating the message of “Come Rain or Come Shine.” “Someone to Watch Over Me” strips the sound down to the essentials as the album ends on a sorrowful, longing note.

“The Gal That Got Away” has a careful cadence, with Jack Wood crafting a delicate balance of different genres.


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