Bob Anderson LIVE! Out March 29, 2024

Bob Anderson employs a jaunty take in the sly midcentury jazz swing style of “Bob Anderson LIVE!” Instrumentation plays it tried and true, going for this celebratory spirit. Fanfare, excellent piano work, and, of course, that voice help guide the entire journey. Such a careful balance comes into the fray, allowing the work to feel gorgeous. He possesses a real ear for arrangements with melodies and clever lyricism that lingers with the listener. Best of all, these songs reward volume, as the big band ethos of the approach demands it.

“So Much Music in Me” builds the tension with a fantastic attitude, pure defiance with a dash of delirium. Like a long-lost 50s soundtrack comes the gorgeous “Come Rain or Come Shine.” The lushness of “The One I Love Belongs to Somebody Else” unspools gracefully. An excellent love of Bossa Nova kick runs through the blissful “Streaks of Lavender.” A late-night giddiness rises through “Midnight at Malibu,” giving it a luxuriousness. Intimacy reigns supreme on the enormity of “My Heart Stood Still.” “I Won’t Send Roses” has a jazz fusion aspect featuring keyboards smooth enough to be mistaken for Steely Dan. Rhythms have a tight, controlled approach in “I Remember You.” Dreamy wisps wander through “What Are You Doing The Rest of Your Life,” giving the song a powerful poignancy. “To Love and Be Loved” ends the album on a contemplative kick, highlighting the importance of the message of each line.

On the gleeful “Bob Anderson LIVE!” Bob Anderson delivers a powerful throwback sound with contemporary touches for that fully fleshed-out atmosphere.

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