A Doll’s House features a tremendous sense of verve on the potent alt-rock run of “Annum.” Infinitely catchy, they display an uncanny knack for hooks. The pieces embrace an inquisitive nature, incorporating elements from early 90s alt-rock to give them that extra hopefulness. Layers intersect to create this vast space, allowing the entire thing to unspool as one coherent whole. Word choice adds to the poetic power, for the verses flow flawlessly with the general vibe of the experience. A sense of peace emerges from their gentle explorations by bringing the listener along on this journey.


“And Time” sets the tone, with a wanderlust extending beyond the guitar riffs and glorious cymbal crashes. Elements of funk enter the fray on the taut grooves of “Woven,” displaying a slight dub influence, as the bassline on the track is crisp, reminiscent of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Moodier in tone is the reflection of “Change Your Mind.” On “Over Easy,” they present a defiance. Elements of psychedelic rock appear in the sound, further fleshing the colors out and making it kaleidoscopic. Carefully sculpted out is the bliss of “Woodwork.” Fragile to its core is the confessional quality of “Witch’s Tree,” where they bring gorgeous pastoral imagery. Acoustic guitar leads the way on the folksy leanings of “Chimney.” “Wisteria” ends things triumphantly with a beautiful, jazz-like guitar unspooling delicately.

With the powerful “Annum,” A Doll’s House goes right for the heart in a profoundly reassuring, soothing fashion.

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