Dave Stryker Trio Presents ‘Groove Street’ with Bob Mintzer

An energetic series of grooves ride through the Dave Stryker Trio’s confident “Groove Street.” The sound is rich, thanks in part to each member adding their distinctive twist on the themes. Keyboards have a bluesy tenor, and the drums are kept limber and crisp even on top of all that is the guitar work that seems to effortlessly navigate the rest of the group, resulting in some truly inspired moments. The saxophone, too, has a lyricism about it. It is an album that comes together into a rich, coherent whole. It feels like a unified vision, a sense of bringing that live energy out.


Holding nothing back is the swinging splendor of “Groove Street,” which revels in pure luxury. Gentle at first before setting its sights down is the Byzantine series of layers that makes up “Overlap.” “Summit” lets the tempo reach a fevered pitch, allowing the many elements to combine effortlessly. Easily the highlight is the stylish “Infant Eyes,” where they engage in a much more intimate, even tender, approach. The heaviness of “Soulstice” feels outright inspirational. Chord vamps adorn the entirety of “Cold Duck Time.” On “Code Blue,” the group engages in a beautiful buildup. “The More I See You” has a romantic flavor to its stately tempo. Neatly tying the whole journey together comes the powerful “Straight Ahead.”

“Groove Street” presents a group that truly listens to each other, as the Dave Stryker Trio is having a blast playing off each other.