Andy Pratt Presents ‘Trio’

A classic cool jazz cut, Andy Pratt presents a playful side to the genre on the lush, mellowed grooves of “Trio.” With guitar playing, which touches upon the output of Wes Montgomery, the way that the interplay works amongst the group feels outright inspirational. The production adds to the beauty of the journey, as every flourish shines in an incredible amount of light. Spacious, they do not rush anything, letting the sound build in this gorgeous way. Instrumentally, it keeps things to the essentials, allowing each instrument plenty of room to run.

“Soon” starts things swinging, as the stylish casual ethos helps to acclimate the listener to the serenity of the atmosphere. Vocals first appear on “Little White Lies,” where the upright bass has graciousness, making the song feel organic. Lyricism cuts to the essence of the message, allowing each word to have the right amount of weight. Lilting guitar work recalls a Bossa Nova cadence, with the decay of the chords a particular treat with “When Joanna Loved Me.” Tactile percussion gives “Patricia” a catchy shuffle, making it almost giddy. Rhythms are slowed down on the dreamy “We Three (My Echo, My Shadow, & Me).” The spry energy of “From This Moment On” has an urbane sophistication. Glistening “Love Theme From Chinatown (Main Title)” has a compassionate aura. Spreading out a bit is the reflective “There’s Always Something There To Remind Me.” A nice Burt Bacharach kick closes the joyous “Something Big.”

“Trio” has a laid-back style, with Andy Pratt delivering a pitch-perfect sound, sunny melodies, and lovely riffs that linger with the listener.