Farel “Infarel” Wilson has just released his latest single, ‘Distribution’ signed by Gaimchng3r Ent./Bungalow/Universal Music Group. The rapper leans into hip-hop production that is equally laid back as it is hard hitting. Bars are heavy, planning for the future, in his world. ‘Distribution’ speaks to the haters and the fans simultaneously. Whether listeners are here to learn a lesson, or lift Infarel up as the rising star that he is, it’s clear that he has been doubted before in life. The grit and hunger in his tone are prevalent as he claps back with his unique delivery and spectacular performance.

“We’re bringing hip-hop back,” Ifarel says about the song and working together with Gaimchng3r Ent.

Infarel was born Farel Wilson in the Bedford Stuyvesant area of Brooklyn, NY. As child, he was destined to be an entertainer. His sister would have him banging on pots and pans at age five, which started his desire to play the drums. As with many future songwriter/beat makers, he never obtained a drum set, so he later discovered his other talents. In his case, he possessed a poetic talent to pen lyrics. Inspired by his parent’s music which filled his environment, he was introduced to the sounds of classic R&B such as The Delfonics, The Stylistics and Teddy Pendergrass. He became a student of song structure.

It wasn’t until his mother brought home the record “Smooth Operator” by Big Daddy Kane that he envisioned his own direction. The song contained the sample “All Night Long” by Mary Jane Girls which combined the classic R&B groove with poetic lyricism of then newcomer Big Daddy Kane. As with all kids, he memorized the lyrics, and was influenced to develop his own songs. This was the turning point which started his journey.

Using the stage name Rell (short for Farel) early on, it was Infarel’s cousin who was toying with variations to his name and stumbled upon Infarel. The name stuck and he began to take on what became its meaning, which is a combination of his nickname “Rell” and “infrared”. Together, it takes on the meaning that he is “outside the visible spectrum of talent”. He lives up to this as a songwriter, producer, and videographer.

Infarel is a notable songwriter, penning all his own lyrics and writing for others. His credits include the song “Patron” for Aca Fool, showcasing his depth to write outside his own sound. Often compared to the likes of Fabolous, Jadakiss, Lloyd Banks, and legends like Big Daddy Kane, Infarel is already making his mark in the music industry.