@skopemag Q&A Featuring Nadia

Neo-soul meets dance pop rising star NADIA is accelerating in a hypnotic new direction with the new single ‘Push The Button’. We chatted with the singer about what influenced the track, 1990s club music and what’s next for 2024.

You ended the year on a high with the recent release of your single ‘Push The Button’. Can you tell me what inspired the track and the writing process?

Push the button is my new dance-pop release! It’s about having a crazy, strong connection with someone special and longing for them when they’re not around. It’s fun and feel-good, which we all need right now in the winter months!

‘Push The Button’ revisits the retro sounds of the dance-pop/club scene. Do your future releases follow this direction?

I do love the retro sound of ‘Push the Button’ and some of my future releases may go in that direction!

My songs will always be pop songs with my soul-style vocals, but I do like to mix things up a little!

Are there any artists or songs that inspired this sound?

My producer, who’s also my dad, has been a musician all his life and has a diverse music taste. He’s always been drawn to electronic music and has a lifetime of influences from all different genres to draw upon, such as Kraftwerk, Miles Davis, Lalo Schifrin, Vangelis, Sly and Robbie, The Chemical Brothers, and Deadmaus!

I think what makes my tracks sound different are the strong melodies and complex yet playful layered mixes.

Any new music recommendations you’re currently digging?

I’ve been listening to a lot to Troye Sivan’s album ‘Something To Give Each Other’ and also Agnes’ album ‘Magic Still Exists’. Both are amazing artists in the electro-pop genre.

If you could collaborate with any artist from the past and present, who would it be?

Mark Ronson is definitely high on my list of people I’d love to work with, and he has been for many years. He’s an amazing producer and musician, and it would be a dream to collaborate with him.

Can you tell us anything about upcoming releases?

My new track ‘Buzz’ will be out on February 2nd, and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it! It was written about never feeling alone in the city and how it always keeps you company.

What have you got planned for 2024?

I’m working on quite a few different tracks right now, which is exciting. I’m planning ahead for some music videos and also to get out on the road to start performing more!