Jelani Lateef Double Release “Can’t Stop Now” + “Show You”

The ripple effect remains strong and mighty in many facets of society, but for Jelani Lateef, it is part of his lifestyle. Turning to a creative outlet throughout life, especially during times of need, can not only get themselves through day by day but can impact those listening. That’s what Jelani is shooting for, his approach to making music is geared towards inspiring others. He’s had moments in life that make the world feel like it has stopped rotating, but focusing the music on today can get him to tomorrow. With jams on his side, Jelani is ready to encapsulate what is happening in his present day and turn it into something that will live on forever.

For Jelani, the message of the song must be clear and impactful. In “Can’t Stop Now,” the message is delivered by a vibrational beat that will have listeners learning and grooving. “Can’t Stop Now” serves as a decree from Jelani to his listeners, hoping they can learn that steady movement throughout life is key even in the toughest of times. Aiming for the top should always be the goal, hoping all dreams and visible areas of light will be reached. How anyone could ever get in his way is unthinkable for Jelani, because with his drive, folding up like a cheap lawn chair is not in his future. With that, Jelani wants his song to be heard by those who are discouraged or are scared to keep moving. While difficult times occur for all ages, Jelani comes in with the kill by telling his story and showing that anything is possible if you keep your eye on the prize. In the video, Jelani takes to the streets to proclaim his song to his city of Chicago. Setting up a mic right in the middle of downtown shows that music is everlasting, no matter what point of life you are at. Jelani’s niece is directly impacted by him and his story, which was his goal all along. She envisions a future where she is a professional gymnast while listening to “Can’t Stop Now,” which directly results in her development of flips and twists. “Can’t Stop Now” can take anyone’s dream and make it into their reality.

Over another powerful but more soulful track, Jelani’s sharp lyricism continues to shine on “Show You.” Shot in a warehouse and oozing with confidence, the video mesmerizes as we watch the rapper drop banger after banger. Lines like, “I put it on these nitwits, they monitor every step like a fitbit. Throwing stones hiding their hands – no surprise. But I’m keeping open eyes combined with an open mind” are just the tip of the iceberg. Rising emcees, take notes, this is street poetry at its finest. Whether listeners decide to throw it on during that high intensity gym workout or just on their way to class or work, the message is clear inspiration: Get up and get it. Now.

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