‘Don’t Want You Back’ by XOHA Leaves the Listeners Highly Impressed and Excited

‘Don’t Want You Back’ impresses fans with radiant charm and skillful production. Proficient artist XOHA sets the bar high with her magnificent musicals.

An ever-creative XOHA takes performance and arrangement to greater heights still, with the exceptionally artistic and powerful new soundtrack. The groove building up from a mildly theatrical beginning, distant guitar strumming and lashings of reverb blending a choir of descending vocal fragments, an expressive and engaging vocal performance amidst an otherwise spacious, stripped-back sense of rising anticipation also finds its trap as a dramatic, evocative realm of the rhythm and soul. Loaded with pop-ready character and equal parts softness and intensity, ‘Don’t Want You Back’ speaks loudly on behalf of the uninhibited musician’s approach to the modern pop music industry. The eclectic songwriter herself throws an unexpected left groove with this swift and sultry change of direction.


Vocally the trap is easy to pinpoint as the artist, that subtle identity rings loud in the tone, inflections, and indeed the poetic intricacies of the writing. The fresh production and a mellow bet lay bare a pop design that again draws focus to the diversity of the arrangements. Easily an ear-worm and stylishly walking the line between the mainstream and the underground, ‘Don’t Want You Back’ is a pleasure to let play whenever it pours through the airwaves, but it is also thought-provoking and seemingly both relatable and personal allows the listeners to delve into unrelenting squandered opportunities and ambitions with subtle poignancy.

The immensely talented artist XOHA faultlessly arranged the music project to fill the room with a perfect fusion of lightness and contemplation and beautifully captured the implications of its lyrics and title as well. The soundtrack features a subtle switch to eclectic guitar strumming and the soulful tone engages from the start, connects increasingly, and finally gifts the listener a little more insight and lyrical inspiration. Several other tracks like ‘Moonlight’, ‘Heartless’ and ‘Too Late’ are available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music.

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