@skopemag Review: Dici – ‘Hole in My Heart’

Picture this: a mix of Miami vibes and Japanese flavour, and that combination gives you the wild and talented Dici. The musical maven drops his 8th release of the year, ‘Hole in My Heart’. It isn’t just a banger of a song; it is a sucker punch, that hits you right in the heart.

Dici’s vocals? Clear, soulful, and ear-pleasing. You can feel the guy pouring his heart out, and it’s contagious. Like a handwritten letter to your soul, Dici’s lyrics hit all the right sorts of notes of nostalgia and melancholy. It’s the kind of song that turns your solitude into a solo concert, and damn, it feels good.

The instrumentation here is like a musical cocktail, expertly blending melancholy with hip-hop swag. The drum licks are the secret sauce, adding a rhythm that’s so infectious, that you’ll be nodding your head without even realizing it. His work is often compared to pop having a wild love affair with hip-hop, yet we think his work is so much more than that with so many more layers woven in.

So, here’s the deal: Dive into ‘Hole in My Heart’ and let it take you on a ride.


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