The Marvels of Asscher Cut Diamonds

The Enduring Splendor of Asscher Cut Diamonds

Asscher cut diamonds are often described as a meeting point between modern and more traditional styles. They’re emerald cut diamonds that have square forms. Many things have made Asscher cut diamonds so alluring to people in the past and present. They have high cut angles, cropped corners, horizontal facets and comparably compact tables, to name several examples. 

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Why People Now And Before Adore Asscher Cut Diamonds So Much

People often gravitate to Asscher cut diamonds thanks to their vintage and nostalgic looks. People often describe them as being “classic” in the atmosphere. These diamonds utilize cutting methods of the past. That’s the reason they’re just not as brilliant as many other choices that are available. That’s also why they don’t sparkle as much as many others.

These types of diamonds, as indicated before, are totally devoid of corners that are sharp. Sharper corners are honestly a major problem for many stone aficionados, and quite understandably. That’s because they can make stones susceptible to scraping, scratching and chipping any time they come in contact with tougher surfaces. Since Asscher cut diamonds are equipped with corners that are bevelled, they help keep all sorts of unsightly and noticeable flaws at bay. Diagonal cuts offer a defence that can keep these diamonds flawless and enticing for a long time.

It can be tough to pay for gemstones in this day and age. Diamonds that have round cuts can be particularly costly. Fortunately, Asscher cut diamonds don’t cost as much per carat as they do. What exactly makes round cut diamonds so pricey compared with Asscher cut favourites? Demand for round cuts, first of all, is extremely strong. Diamond cutters discard of major parts of these stones as well. That’s due to the fact that the primary aim is to establish a noticeably round outline, true to the naming.

Many people believe that variety is the spice of life. That belief may be particularly common in the diamond universe. Fortunately, diamond lovers can pick between numerous different kinds of Asscher cuts. Some people are drawn to the Royal Asscher cut. Others are keen on the standard cut. If you like the idea of being able to select a specific cut that’s in line with your personality and passions, zeroing in on Asscher cuts may be the right path for you.

Things to Remember About Asscher Cut Diamonds

If you want to make a smart Asscher cut diamond purchase choice, you should remember a handful of things. These diamonds show higher levels of color than many others do. Don’t forget that diamonds that are free of color tend to have the highest values.

Again, Asscher cut diamonds are in no way, shape or form the most brilliant choices available. Some gem lovers are especially enamoured by brilliance. Several things contribute to their lower levels of brilliance. The step-cut facets are one big factor to remember. Asscher cuts have forms that are rather lengthy. These specific shapes just aren’t optimal for the gathering of light. They’re also not optimal for enabling light to move around freely within stones.

Asscher cut diamonds also do not have the ability to conceal inclusions well at all. People can spot Asscher cut inclusions more easily than they can in their brilliant cut counterparts. Some examples of types of imperfections that are frequently associated with Asscher cut diamonds are twinning wisps, feathers and cavities. If you’re looking to invest in a diamond that is capable of making inclusions a lot less apparent, you should learn more about Asscher cut options. Round cuts have the power to conceal inclusions much more effectively. 

Since Asscher cut diamonds are so sophisticated and versatile, its no surprise that they have impressive staying power.