The New Occupants and Mr MooQ New Single ‘Super Boom’

“Super Boom” from The New Occupants and Mr MooQ is a slice of ‘50s b-movie-inspired ScFi music. It’s a collaboration between The New Occupants and Mr MooQ, and it sounds like what an intentionally corny cinematic throwback looks like.

The New Occupants is a synth-driven quartet, while Mr MooQ is an equally synth-loving performer. However, “Super Boom” actually kicks off with a New Wave-ish electric guitar riff. The song’s vocal is especially robotic sounding, which helps us to imagine this is all occurring in the relatively distant future. The song’s vocal is warbly, nervous sounding. This shaky singer announces, “I’m gonna change the world/And release the super boom.” It’s not exactly clear what this predicted ‘super boom’ is, by the way. However, we quickly learn how mankind has fallen and, and also how robots are on the moon. (Why they’re on the moon, and not on and ruling the earth, is never fully explained).

Whatever this ‘super boom’ actually is, it’s going to blow minds. In addition to the robotic ‘natural’ vocals, there are also electronically treated vocals, giving that singing an even more mechanical vibe. The chorus sounds like the acronym ‘AI’ is being repeated again and again.

While robots have inhabited the moon, AI appears to be bossing the remaining humans around. “Humans are my minions/And I may need a few,” we’re told. Thus, even though some have direly predicted there won’t be any work for humans, once AI takes over the world, this lyric at least suggests humans will be able to work as minions. Granted, that’s not as desirable as a corner at the office at the company, but at least it’s a job humans can do. AI brags about reducing the population and keeping humans in a zoo. Talk about reversal of fortune! This scenario is starting to sound like Planet of the Apes, only – instead of apes being in charge – AI has become the new master over the flesh and blood humans.

While this song is an extremely imaginary story, one has to wonder what AI will do to our world, Once AI proves to be smarter than most people, will it eventually put itself in charge? Some people think that will actually happen. Others are not quite so negative. Whatever the case, though, The New Occupants and Mr MooQ deserve kudos for taking a hot topic issue and putting it into a song. Yes, it’s intended to shock the way the old book Future Shock, well, shocked. If nothing else, though, it should cause listeners to stop and think about where the world is heading. Those that have been alive for more than a few years have already seen so many ways technology has altered our world. Sometimes for the good, sometimes not so good.

Maybe this ‘super boom’ is when AI brings the hammer down on humanity. It may not be the future that we all dreamed about in the ‘50s, where we had rocket packs and flying cars. It’s much more of a dystopian vision. Like it or not, though, we’re all heading toward some kind of future. It may just be a lot like this song paints it as. Or not.


-Dan MacIntosh