Mesa Jane Releases “All I Need”

Mesa Jane is a songwriter & recording artist from Philly and she is excited to release this new single titled “All I Need”. Mesa Jane has decided to provide the listening audience with her first cover as “All I Need” is actually a Radiohead song. I’m not familiar with the original song by Radiohead, but based solely on Mesa Jane’s performance here, I am thoroughly impressed. Mesa Jane should be very proud of her rendition because I heard the TLC being poured into this project. It just may be “All I

The style on this single captivates your senses as Mesa Jane takes your ears on a magical ride. The notes seem to flow along effortlessly on “All I Need” and Mesa Jane has incredible control over her voice. The listener will get lost within the music thanks to Mesa Jane’s stellar performance and masterful delivery on “All I Need”.
As soon as I hit play, I heard the most alluring voice that instantly drew me in. There was a mysterious presence surrounding Mesa Jane based on the way she delivered the music. I picked up on a certain type of mystique that Mesa Jane exhibited on “All I Need”. Mesa Jane mystifies the audience with her stunning take on “All I Need”. I have a funny feeling Radiohead would be very pleased with Mesa Jane’s overall efforts on this cover.

Mesa Jane’s music is featured on Hulu and I feel after people hear this new single, the music world will be buzzing. “All I Need” will propel Mesa Jane’s music career due to the pure depth and musical richness this track provides. Mesa Jane knocked it out of the park with “All I Need” and if she is this good at performing cover songs, I can’t wait to hear more of her original material! Mesa Jane is a true artist of Today and one to be on the lookout for. I commend Mesa Jane on her performance and new release and now “All I Need” is a glass of red wine! By Jimmy Rae