New Video By The Real Meladee “Birkin”

For four decades, a Hermes Birkin bag has been the hottest of commodities — a must-have for the stylish and a thing to be coveted by up-and-comers. What accounts for its eternal popularity? For starters, it looks great. It’s bright and eye-catching, and it complements outfits of all kinds. It’s also a rare thing: few are made, and each one crafted has its own personality. But the Birkin bag is also famous for its utility. These accessories may be as pretty as a jeweled necklace, but they’re also tough. They’re not showpieces; they’re designed for action.

Many of the same things can be said about The Real Meladee. The Tallahassee, FL rapper is simultaneously versatile and resilient, exciting and reliable. As effortlessly fresh as she is, her style makes her a classic. When she locks into a verse, she’s precise and communicative. She doesn’t have to tell us that she wants an exclusive bag; a Birkin is hers by birthright. On “Birkin,” her first single, she isn’t covetous, hungry, or even particularly desirous – but she does make it clear that one Birkin isn’t enough; she wants three. Meladee leads with her quiet swagger, her surety that she deserves only the best, and her knowledge that she’s got the cash to cop the most expensive fashions.

“Birkin” both extends and deepens the mood of “Set the Tone,” Meladee’s recent underground hit. Those who’ve heard her songs before know what to expect: a thunderous kick, skittering snare, smoke-ring synthesizers, and a magnetic delivery from the star. No matter what she’s rapping about, Meladee’s voice is even, breathy, dreamlike — she floats these tracks with absolute confidence. When she tells you she doesn’t bother to check the prices on the tags, it’s not even a boast. You’ll know she’s telling the truth.

A song like “Birkin” demands a glittering, gorgeous video, and frequent Slip N Slide collaborator, Counterpoint 2.0, has delivered with a kinetic clip exciting enough to prompt a shopping spree. There’s money everywhere: the rapper fans herself with a huge wad of twenties, and reclines on a surface covered with bills. The stores, the cars, the clothing, and the jewelry are all top-drawer; it’s a celebration of conspicuous consumption, and it’s deliciously shameless. Nothing upstages the bag, however. The title item is made of leather, tinted yellow, with golden trim. Smart and tight as it is, there’s plenty of room in there for stacks of dollars.

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