Ethical Diamonds & Exceptional Service: Rare Carat’s Commitment

Caring for Mother Nature means you care also for the next generation. For natural resources to last longer and be used by many, people must learn how to save and protect those free resources in the environment. Similar to the world of the diamond industry, businesses must continue to uphold their commitment to delivering ethical products and exceptional service. This article is all about ethical diamonds and exceptional service which is Rare Carat’s commitment to sustainability.

Ethical Diamonds & Exceptional Service: Rare Carat’s Commitment to Sustainability

Diamonds are a special type of precious gem that is now widely used by many people. The continuous and increasing demand for diamonds reaches out to other advanced countries not just in the US. But for the US diamond industry, Rare Carat is on the top list as they are the number one diamond ring marketplace online with their high-quality of various diamond rings. They keep and continue to fulfill their commitment to deliver ethical diamonds and exceptional customer service. They are more committed to selling lab-grown diamonds which are more sustainable and eco-friendly compared with natural diamonds. They value not just their customers but they value most the preservation of natural resources in the environment. If you are planning to buy these diamonds, the smartest and safest place to shop diamonds online is at Rare Carat. You can also check this link  for you to learn more about their diamond products and have your first order and diamond transaction with them as they are authentic diamond retailers.

What is the Most Expensive Cut of Diamond at Rare Carat?

The most expensive cut of diamond at Rare Carat is a round brilliant cut as well and this is one of the most used and in-demand engagement rings commonly used by many diamond users. What makes this cut so expensive is the complexity of cutting this round shape which usually takes more time compared with other cuts. When a round brilliant diamond is cut, almost 60% of the diamond rough is lost because of how tough it is. This cut has the most facets compared with other shapes that require much focus, concentration, precise work, and skills. While this type of cut is the most expensive cut of all diamonds per carat, its fire and sparkle will always make it appear larger and brighter than its actual size regardless of its weight. It is truly one of the most dazzling of all diamond cuts which makes this diamond so beautiful and in demand by many. You can check on the other features as well as the price of a round brilliant cut diamond at Rare Carat’s website, for you to have the best and high-quality round brilliant cut.

Pear Shape Cut Diamond at Rare Carat

A pear-shaped cut of a diamond which is also known as a teardrop, is a hybrid or a combination of a marquise and a round-shaped diamond. Traditionally, this is worn with the pointed part of the diamond ring facing upward and its rounded part facing the bottom. This special cut of diamond has 58 facets and is brilliant cut which means that all facets are aligned in a manner that creates or produces the most brilliance and fire. For the price or market value of this brilliant cut, if you search on this link from Rare Carat,, they have an extended Labor Day sale as of the moment wherein a 0.18 carat to 0.35 carat weight of this type of diamond cut costs only $350 which has good, very good, to ideal cut diamond features. To search for the best pear-shaped diamond cut at Rare Carat, there’s nothing for you to about as they have an Ideal cut grade filter available at their site. This ideal cut grade filter makes sure that every diamond they promote and sell on their site from their retailers has a well-cut diamond and it filters also for having ideal proportions, symmetry, and polish. If you have some doubts and are not sure where to start on your diamond search especially when the cut, you can chat or reach out to their live agents who are always available online who are graduate geologists and diamond experts.