Matt B Presents New Album ‘ALKEBULAN’

An outpouring of cheery optimism, Matt B goes for a soothing, spiritual sound on “Alkebulan.” His voice has an encouraging, welcoming presence. The lyrics focus on the concept of hope and faith in the future. Percussion features prominently incorporating so much emotion into the swirling, kaleidoscopic mix. Stylistically he brings together Afrobeat, pop, soul, and more into this glowing dream-like stance. With a sense of purpose, the tracks float by as if in a blurred beauty. Instrumentally the inclusion of tactile percussion, lilting guitar riffs, and gorgeous interplay adds to the intrinsic life the songs possess.

The wide swath of material comes into view with the smiling, peacefulness of “BUYA EKHAYA (Opening Interlude) {feat. The Unveiled}.” Flexible bass rolls through as “GUNJALE (feat. Ugaboys)” possesses an irresistibly funky flavor. “SALETEMA” has a dance beat that anchors the track, with the buildup of the song reflecting upon a growing tenderness. On “SHINING” the song’s light, bright, and airy quality is set up by the sample, then gives way to this adventurous attitude. “GIMME LOVE (feat. Eddy Kenzo) – Reimagined” taps into an exquisite eternity allowing the affectionate tenor to completely take over. Great fanfare in the periphery gives “JOLENE” an additional amount of heft. “SHAYO” absolutely explodes in a flurry of frantic, feel-good energy. Ending the album off on a reflective, contemplative stance is “OGALA TRAVELER.”

“Alkebulan” has a celebratory presence, with Matt B’s conjuring up imagery of true togetherness, with a sound that possesses a tremendous outpouring of color.