Sergey Tokarev and SET University: The Path to Master’s Scholarship

Sergey Tokarev, the founder of Roosh and SET University, a prestigious Ukrainian university, once again took a landmark step in supporting local students by announcing the launch of a unique initiative. A new scholarship program offered by the university has amazing potential to cover a significant portion of the cost of education for those who dream of higher education.

Sergey Tokarev explained that this initiative represents a significant step in the field of tech education and opens up new horizons for students who may previously have faced problems with financial support. SET University is firmly committed to its commitment to providing fairness and equal opportunity for everyone.

SET University demonstrates its dedication to quality education, which contributes to the development of Ukrainian science and attracts the attention of investors and partners from various sectors of the economy. This example highlights the importance of cooperation between universities and businesses for the development of technological progress and the strengthening of the country on the world stage.

Students who choose courses in cybersecurity and computer science at SET University will have the opportunity to study in-depth topics such as cybersecurity, blockchain, and artificial intelligence. Additional modules of the curriculum will ensure the development of the processes of managing technological projects.

As Sergey Tokarev noted, the collaboration between SET University and the UC Berkeley Fisher Center for Business Intelligence opens up a wide range of new perspectives for students. Developed with the University of California, Berkeley, the distinctive entrepreneurship programs provide young people with the opportunity to actively apply their knowledge and skills to generate innovative ideas and find cutting-edge solutions.

The theses offered under these programs present two exciting options: starting a startup at a university accelerator or developing an IT solution for a technology company. This provides students with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and put their knowledge into practice in real projects.

Sergey Tokarev and SET University approached the issue of social support for their students with full responsibility and allocated five scholarships for each of their educational programs. By entering the competition, participants can be both active service members of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the National Guard, and those who are already in the reserve or have completed their service. In addition, special scholarships are provided for children whose parents participated in combat operations, as well as for ambitious Ukrainian women who aspire to a successful career in IT. Particular attention is paid to internally displaced persons who temporarily left the territories subjected to occupation or zones of active hostilities. Applications are accepted until September 1, 2023. 

Sergey Tokarev has previously announced his important contribution to education by initiating and sponsoring five places in the scholarship program for Masters and Micromaster students. Full tuition grants provide a unique opportunity for Ukrainians to strive for a brighter future. The businessman stressed that such a contribution to education today is an important step towards the restoration of Ukraine and its development.

SET University aims to expand the scholarship program to include more citizens and organizations that support this initiative, and thereby make education more accessible to all Ukrainians.

Led by Gauthier Vasseur, director, and professor at the Center for Business Intelligence at the University of California, Berkeley, the event will provide business leaders with the knowledge to apply data science and analytics to strategic development. Participation in this action ‘Lead confidently in the world of artificial intelligence’ is open to women citizens of Ukraine with IDP status, representatives of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the National Guard, as well as founders of economic or charitable projects. Anyone can register until August 18.