Tony Adams Presents New Song ‘Praize Hiz Name Ft. Eddie Scarlett’

Tony Adams goes for a celebratory, swinging sound on the genteel “Praize Hiz Name (feat. Eddie Scarlett).” Pure positivity overflows from the sound. Fanfare frequently bursts through, adding to the sheer power of the performance. Lyrics genuinely serve as the heart of the entire thing as he passionately explores the concept of faith. The arrangement goes for the massive, sprawling out and incorporating a whole slew of different styles. Firmly rooted in gospel, he brings elements of R&B, pop, and soul into the fray, giving the song an immersive aspect.

Drums start things off with so much flair. The rest of the arrangement quickly falls into place. A sense of community takes shape when the vocals hit. By emphasizing the importance of togetherness, it shows off one of the most essential parts of faith – that of society. His word choice highlights how faith brings people together to become a community set on improving lives. Lots of colors radiate from the piece’s entirety, for it lets the spirit take hold, that of healing. Over the track, it becomes larger and larger, with the song gaining a distinctive classic stance. Towards the finale, they let loose, letting pure joy shine through.

“Praize Hiz Name (feat. Eddie Scarleet)” shows off the clever way that Tony Adams lets faith serve as the foundation of his life, with an encouraging, inspirational message that stays with the listener long after the track has ended.