The Underbites Release “Good Girl” From “Four Songs About Girls” EP

If you are looking for a neat slice of fun and frantic pop with plenty of low-slung rock and roll attitude and punk swagger lashings, then look no further than the infectious new single from The Underbites.

A short, sharp, shockingly good sonic blast that takes in raw, rhythmic guitars, punchy, sing-a-long lyrics, and salvos of indie infectiousness turned eleven. The tale of a girl who changes her ways and cleans up her act, although thankfully not too spotless, is the antithesis of all those songs glamourizing the fine art of going off the rails and via the video full of humor and fun.

It is a song that neatly displays how all the best songs are predicated on careful balancing acts where the muscle is equally countered by melody, where grit and groove have equal billing, between pop and a hard place, an array of incendiary fun and infectiousness.

You get the best of all worlds by finely arranging such musical elements, and that is precisely what is happening here. It pops, it rocks, it grooves, it grinds, it is addictive, it is satisfactory. Mature pop? Accessible rock? Sophisticated punk? Call it what you like; I’m just glad that it exists.