Fast Rising Superstar Attih Soul Releases New Acoustic EP “The Acoustic Experiment”

Barcelona, Spain – Today marks the release of Attih Soul’s new EP, “The Acoustic Experiment.” The EP is a collection of Acoustic versions of previously released originals, produced and performed by the rising superstar himself.

Who is Attih Soul?

Attih Soul is a Nigerian-born singer and songwriter who has quickly become a sensation in Barcelona. He graduated with a degree in Biochemistry from University of Calabar and has a double Masters in Talent Management & Leadership from Catholic University of Murcia and Barcelona Executive Business School. However, his real passion has always been music. With just one acoustic guitar and his own creative vision, he began to write and perform his own songs. His raw talent quickly gained him notoriety in Nigeria before his move to Barcelona. Attih is excited for the release of his debut EP “The Acoustic Experiment.” The EP features intimate versions of his songs: Scared of Beautiful, Karma, Friendzone, Someday I’ll Find You and Dreams. Each of these songs were carefully crafted with thoughtful lyrics that evoke emotion and meaning. Attih Soul will also be performing at several venues around Barcelona this summer, to give the fans an experience of enjoying his music live!

Unique artist

“I’m so excited to finally share this project with my fans,” said Attih Soul about his new album. “These songs are personal and meaningful to me, each one representing a different journey I’ve taken in my life.” From the first track to the last soulful ballad, listeners will be captivated by Attih Soul’s beautiful voice and unique style of music throughout the entire experience.

In addition to the release of his EP, Attih Soul will also be performing at several venues around Barcelona this summer. Fans can expect a high-energy show full of passion and emotion as he performs some of his most popular songs from his new EP, as well as some old favorites.

Attih Soul’s EP “The Acoustic Experiment” is available now on streaming services everywhere! Be sure to follow him on social media for updates on upcoming shows and tour dates near you!

Social media popularty of Attih Soul

Attih Soul has been gaining a steady following on social media since his rise to fame in Barcelona. He has established himself as an artist with a unique sound and style, which has caught the attention of many music fans online. His Instagram account is filled with stunning visuals and vibrant music videos, showcasing how creative he is in his artistry.

Production of the EP “The Acoustic Experiment”

Attih Soul’s debut album “The Acoustic Experiment” was meticulously produced with great attention to detail. The entire project was recorded, mixed in El Tercero and Sol de Sants studios, with the supervision and contributions of Carlos Avatar, Jeff Santana, Dani Campos, Bassey Ebong, Theo Monteillet and Mastered at O’Connell Mastering Studios. By utilizing a combination of Guitar, Keyboard and Voice, Attih Soul was able to create an intimate sound that is both modern and timeless.

Social Media Popularity

Attih Soul has become a sensation on social media like Youtube quickly gaining a loyal following of music fans. His Instagram page is full of stunning visuals and vibrant music videos, giving fans an inside look into his creative process. On Twitter, Attih Soul’s tweets often feature links to his new music and updates on upcoming events. He also frequently shares heartfelt messages about the importance of staying positive and pushing for success. With his unique sound and captivating style.

Attih Soul’s music is now available on Spotify and Apple Music, allowing fans from all around the world to listen to his album. Through his music, Attih Soul has shown that he is a passionate and talented artist with an inspiring message of never giving up.  Audiences across the globe can now experience the beauty of “The Acoustic Experiment” for themselves! 

Be sure to follow Attih Soul on social media for updates on new music, upcoming shows and other exciting news!


Attih Soul’s debut EP “The Acoustic Experiment” is an impressive display of musical talent and creativity. The five-track EP features a wide range vocal dynamics and showcases Attih Soul’s ability to blend his voice with acoustic accompaniment. With his growing social media presence and multiple live shows, Attih Soul is quickly becoming one of the most promising up artists in Barcelona. Be sure to check out his new EP “The Acoustic Experiment” available now on streaming services everywhere!