Post Punk and Indie Are BACK With Blindness & Light’s Self-Titled Album

“If The Smiths were to have a child with Joy Division and Radiohead raised it, the chances are likely it would be Blindness & Light.” – The Other Side Reviews

Post Punk musician Blindness & Light is releasing their debut and self-titled album Blindness & Light July 1st, 2023.

Inspired by the 80s post-punk movement, Blindness & Light bring the spirit of the era into the modern day with cutting edge production and technical fidelity blended with the artist’s vulnerable and emotive musical style.

The 8-track album is preceded by its two lead singles – The Old Skylight and The Ballad of Them And Us. The Old Skylight – released May 3rd, 2023 – perfectly encapsulates the album’s melancholic soundscape with a moving sound created by the artist and his friends and family enlisted on the track. Blindness & Light’s daughter Elise S. Potter provides the bass, her friend plays the trumpet, and another family friend Helen Reynolds provides the rich backing vocals.

The Ballad of Them And Us – released February 27th, 2023 – brings on former The Christians member Henry Priestman (highest selling Island Record debut album) who plays additional harmonica alongside Colin’s. Henry plays melodica on this track too. He also remixed the single release to create the Ynys Môn mix which is on the album. The song bursts open with powerful harmonica that paves the way for the upbeat and high-energy single that still retains Blindness & Light’s signature style.

The debut album, and Blindness & Light’s musical journey as a whole, is an inspirational story in its own right. Following a devastating hit and run that left the artist for dead, Blindness & Light re-evaluated his life’s direction. Since then he has completed his PhD in environmental biotechnology and now stands on the precipice of his debut album release.

Blindness & Light is also working alongside Mike Juvenile (KEEF) on their side project Radio Psychosis. The band will be releasing their single Television later this year.

Blindness & Light will be available across all digital platforms on July 1st, 2023, available on CD and limited run of 100 vinyl released alongside. Physical copies available on Bandcamp, Mudshark Records, 81 Renshaw St, Liverpool and The Vinyl Exchange, Manchester. Merch available on Amazon worldwide.