New single by Farees titled “She Talks With Jesus”

A deep sorrow emerges in “She Talks With Jesus,” as Farees treats his subject matter with the utmost respect. The acoustic guitar has a gentleness, ideally adding to the sense of compassion that takes shape. Much of the piece has this excellent flexibility, for he lets the message truly sink into the mind with an all-encompassing territory.

Lyrics have the essence of the verses neatly tied together to provide a portrait of someone who is suffering. Plenty of compassion adorns the work, for it swirls about in a majestic haze.The laid-back acoustic guitar starts things with grace. The vocals enter the fray and prove conversational. His ability to bring pathos into the equation gives it this living, evolutionary spirit. Unlike a buildup towards something more remarkable, this is a little different. He works through his feelings in real-time, with the realization of what is happening slowly but surely dawning on him. It hurts, and he expresses this pain with precision. Many words cut right to the heart of the matter; a sense of salvation for one individual is heartbreak for another. Rhythms go for a looseness, as the main focal point comes from the lyricism he brings out. By keeping the arrangement so refined and restrained, what results out of this delicate approach is something entirely different, where the word choice and story pack the biggest punch.

“She Talks With Jesus” reveals Farees as an explorer of hallowed ground, featuring poetry that emerges from his carefully crafted verses.